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County Sheriffs Of Colorado
Sep 11, 2006
Train the Trainer

Unlike attorneys, police officers do not have the luxury of sitting in an office mulling over law books to decide how to proceed. Officers often must make split-second decisions; thus, effective police work hinges on the immediate and correct application of search and seizure law. In fact, officers[…]

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Aug 31, 2006
Field Training Coordinators Workshop

This class teaches awareness and provides tech level training to investigate a possible water-related crime scene. The target audience is law enforcement, including patrol officers, crime scene technicians, detectives; and medical personnel. The training objectives include: Approach of crime scene; Case history; Witness interviewing; Statement analysis; Investigation procedures;[…]

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Aug 14, 2006
Train the Trainer

In this fast-paced and entertaining class, students will gain an understanding of the most common deceptive indicators law enforcement encounters on the road and in the interview room. You will not only learn to recognize verbal and non-verbal indicators of deception and the most common deceptive human defense[…]

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Aug 01, 2006
Colorado Open Records Law

This Colorado POST-approved Carbine Instructor Certification course is designed to provide law enforcement firearms instructors the necessary skills to develop and operate a law enforcement carbine program. This course will greatly enhance the student’s ability to diagnose shooting errors and provide practical and effective means to make permanent[…]

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Jul 17, 2006
FTO Development Course

Law enforcement administration is charged with the responsibility and has the authority to maintain discipline within the police department. The community has an expectation that this responsibility will be fulfilled in a professional and responsive manner. Citizens should be provided a fair and effective avenue for redress of[…]

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Jun 05, 2006
Train the Trainer

The Detentions Sergeant Training Course is designed to provide informative and useful information to new and not-so-new county detentions sergeants within Colorado. It’s designed by professional jail commanders and supervisors, is highly interactive, and takes in a wide range of jail related topics. Following is a basic description[…]

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May 31, 2006
Law Enforcement Driving

Some topics are “hot” because they’re new. Others are hot because, even though they’ve been around forever, they’ve not been properly attended to. Making good policy decisions requires knowing what the choices are. This program takes on both legal and practical considerations and deals with both operational and[…]

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