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County Sheriffs Of Colorado
Jan 10, 2007

This class will be a workshop for those employees who conduct sheriff sales. The goal of the day is to work through both a Decree of Foreclosure as well as Writ of Execution Sales on both Real and Personal Property. This will involve class participation as we work[…]

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Dec 04, 2006
Supervisory Institute

Law enforcement and other first responders around Colorado are increasingly responding to instances of opioid overdose in our communities. The availability of high-potency heroin, synthetic opioids, and opioid prescription medications has reached epidemic proportions resulting in increasing numbers of overdoses and deaths. Naloxone is a life-saving drug that[…]

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Nov 30, 2006
Colorado Open Records Law

Investigating internet related crimes can be a daunting task for most agencies. Untrained personnel, limited investigative resources, non-existent policies/procedures and a lack of in-house subject matter experts are all contributing factors leading to an organizational unconscious incompetence. In other words, a lack of online situational awareness. This course[…]

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Nov 20, 2006
Strategies for the Effective Supervisor

COURSE OBJECTIVE: The Objective of the class is to provide attendees with sufficient knowledge to process a basic crime scene. COURSE TOPICS: The following topics will be covered in the course: basic crime scene investigation, crime scene photography, crime scene management, latent print processing, footwear and tire track[…]

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Nov 13, 2006
Conflict Resolution

The Tactical Court Security Course provides federal, state and local law enforcement with training relevant to today’s courthouse security needs. This course offers the tools and tactical mindset necessary for Court Security personnel to perform their duties safely. The overall course objective is to change the paradigm that[…]

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Nov 08, 2006

To succeed in your profession you MUST develop rapport, establish relationships and accurately read others which is 100% dependent on the ability to effectively communicate. This class will teach you to pick up on the most subtle signs, verbal and non-verbal, that indicate deception, pre-flight and pre-attack. The[…]

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Nov 06, 2006
Strategies for the Effective Supervisor

This class focuses on the critical foundation of the law enforcement image in a community and how it is impacted by the public, the traditional media and social media, and how all LE agencies share equally the burden of managing a positive image of law enforcement. Through a[…]

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Nov 01, 2006
Gordon Graham

The Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) model was developed in 1988 in Memphis, Tennessee, as a partnership between the police department, advocacy groups and treatment providers for people with mental illness, and other community stakeholders to manage crisis situations involving mentally ill subjects. Since that time, many law enforcement[…]

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