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County Sheriffs Of Colorado
Nov 08, 2006

To succeed in your profession you MUST develop rapport, establish relationships and accurately read others which is 100% dependent on the ability to effectively communicate. This class will teach you to pick up on the most subtle signs, verbal and non-verbal, that indicate deception, pre-flight and pre-attack. The[…]

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Nov 06, 2006
Strategies for the Effective Supervisor

This class focuses on the critical foundation of the law enforcement image in a community and how it is impacted by the public, the traditional media and social media, and how all LE agencies share equally the burden of managing a positive image of law enforcement. Through a[…]

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Nov 01, 2006
Gordon Graham

The Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) model was developed in 1988 in Memphis, Tennessee, as a partnership between the police department, advocacy groups and treatment providers for people with mental illness, and other community stakeholders to manage crisis situations involving mentally ill subjects. Since that time, many law enforcement[…]

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Oct 31, 2006
Gordon Graham

What is it that allows some men and women to remain calm, focused, in control and confident, draw on their training and preparation, and perform heroically in the middle of tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving events? Why is it that when some men and women, when faced with[…]

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Oct 23, 2006
Train the Trainer

A person telling a lie has a different thought process than a person who is truthful. Driven by their subconscious mind, they use different words, phrases, content, statement structure, and other linguistic traits. These occurrences are found in every written and spoken statement and are highly valid in[…]

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Oct 23, 2006
Conflict Resolution

This workshop will address the statutory, social and political responsibilities of a Colorado county sheriff during a wildfire emergency incident, and will be presented through lecture, facilitated discussion, case studies and panel discussions. The presenters include many of the most experienced sheriffs and emergency managers in Colorado. The[…]

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Oct 19, 2006
Non-Sworn Supervisory Effectiveness

Blue ICS is a participatory class that begins with a discussion of a “dozen deadly errors” that can lead to poor outcomes when dealing with higher risk incidents. This discussion includes the application of ICS principles to increase the safety for responders and citizens during these types of[…]

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Oct 10, 2006
Civil Process II

Newly-elected sheriffs are required by CRS 30-10-501.6 to attend an 80-hour training course within one year of election or appointment to the office. This course is offered only in an election year and attendence is limited to the sheriff-elect. During the two week training, sheriffs are introduced to[…]

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Oct 09, 2006
FTO Development Course

Mediation is something that we all know a little about and use more often than we realize, but rarely value in the same way that we do firearms training and the other physical skills. Yet verbal skills are used constantly by officers, and much of the difficulty of[…]

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