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County Sheriffs Of Colorado
Oct 03, 2006
Performance Leadership Seminar

This is one day course will cover cell extraction planning, execution and techniques. The topics and drills will include the following: Equipment Communication Assigning responsibility – Team Leader Shield Techniques Team formations, stacking and movement Restraint holds Application of restraints as a team Decontamination and medical issues Transport[…]

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Oct 02, 2006
POST Firearms Instructor

It is well documented that many more members of Law Enforcement commit suicide every year than are murdered in the line of duty. This course is designed to educate the participant as to the causes and reasons behind law enforcement suicide. The student will learn the warning signs[…]

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Sep 25, 2006
FTO Development Course

This class for jail administrators and jail staff, facilitated by Gary Deland and Tate McCotter, focuses on case law and rulings, primarily from the 10th Judicial District, that guide the constitutional operation of jails and other detention facilities. The class will include the following topics, but the seminar[…]

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Sep 19, 2006
Report Writing

In an attempt to address the future leadership needs of law enforcement organizations nationwide, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) sought to create a solid leadership and leader development product to serve the growing needs of law enforcement. The result of their work with several noted[…]

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Sep 18, 2006
Report Writing

STAR training is a two-day course designed to provide the basic knowledge needed to implement a specialized response team to handle emergency situations within the jail to safely restore order and maintain control. A well-trained STAR team reduces agency liability and the likelihood of injury to both officers[…]

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Sep 18, 2006
Strategies for the Effective Supervisor

Excellence in Training is an advanced instructional methodology class that focuses on enhancing the performance of law enforcement officers by delivering training in a manner that permanently imprints the most desirable responses at the officer’s subconscious level and most effectively program them for success. In order to accomplish[…]

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Sep 11, 2006
Train the Trainer

Unlike attorneys, police officers do not have the luxury of sitting in an office mulling over law books to decide how to proceed. Officers often must make split-second decisions; thus, effective police work hinges on the immediate and correct application of search and seizure law. In fact, officers[…]

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Aug 31, 2006
Field Training Coordinators Workshop

This class teaches awareness and provides tech level training to investigate a possible water-related crime scene. The target audience is law enforcement, including patrol officers, crime scene technicians, detectives; and medical personnel. The training objectives include: Approach of crime scene; Case history; Witness interviewing; Statement analysis; Investigation procedures;[…]

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