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6001 Ron King Trail, Unit C

Littleton, CO 80125

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About Us

Mission Statement

We are an association of County Sheriffs. We advocate for and serve the Office of Sheriff. We provide education and professional assistance and promote unity to enable the Sheriffs to best serve and protect the People of the State of Colorado.

CSOC never conducts telephone solicitations.


1. Training

Over 126 training programs offered to sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement agencies each year — coordinated and orchestrated by CSOC staff

      • Regional training throughout Colorado
      • Training programs are open to all Peace Officers
      • CSOC develops and sponsors three Sheriffs’ and Undersheriffs’ Training conferences each year

2. Conferences

Three conferences held each year in various locations throughout the state – coordinated by CSOC staff in conjunction with host Sheriffs

      • Annual Winter Conference
        • Annual elections to Board of Directors
        • Exhibitors & Vendors Displays
        • Presentations by State & Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
        • Legislation Development & Study
        • Sheriffs’ and Undersheriffs’ Training
      • Spring & Fall Conferences – dedicated to training and business
        • CSOC also develops over 30 hours of management level training that allows the sheriffs to comply with the 1990 Colorado Sheriff’s Qualifications Bill

3. Honorary Membership Program

      • Renewals administered by CSOC staff
      • Prospect mailing is conducted by CSOC – all credential fulfillment, follow-up mailings, and & personalized changes, and the computer data-base is entered and managed by CSOC staff
      • Associate Membership Program for law enforcement officers conducted by CSOC staff
      • Honorary Member Dues structure:
        • Individuals – $30.00
        • Three different levels of business dues: $75, $250, & $500 — each level gets its own plaque
      • Sheriffs’ county lists of Honorary Members and mailing labels are provided to Sheriffs each year

4. CSOC Magazine

CSOC staff persons develop the Colorado Sheriff Magazine. The style & layout of the quarterly publication is prepared by CSOC. Guest articles are encouraged and featured in many issues. Distribution exceeds 10,000

5. Legislative Services

      • Part-time Information Specialist
      • Legislative Committee (CSOC Board of Directors & additional sheriffs)
        • All Colorado sheriffs are involved in legislative issues
      • National Legislation Issues are tracked and reported upon by CSOC Staff and member sheriffs

6. Sheriffs Institute

CSOC develops the Sheriffs Institute for newly elected sheriffs every four years. The curriculum is based on the responsibilities of the Office of Sheriff, the latest statutory changes, and the most productive management and leadership methods and styles

7. Scholarship Program

      • CSOC staff provides application packets to all Colorado schools, CSOC Sheriffs members, and to the public upon request
      • CSOC staff coordinates the project
        • CSOC Candidate/Recipient Requirements
        • Selection documents
        • Statewide List
        • Recipient Announcement/Media Releases
        • Letter of Award
      • CSOC staff makes direct payments to colleges or higher learning institutions
      • McInnes Trust Fund
        • Trust awards a $1,000 scholarship to a CSOC Scholarship Recipient each year
        • Staff reviews and narrows down the applicants for the board, who chooses the overall winners

8. CSOC Fallen Deputy Fund

Recently created and in the process of defining the use of the fund.

9. Statewide Committees

CSOC attends and participates in numerous statewide law enforcement committees and research discussion groups. CSOC also has many active committees to communicate and review issues of statewide concern affecting the Office of Sheriff

10. National Committees & Memberships

CSOC is an active participant with the National Sheriffs Association, the National Institute of Corrections, the National Jail Association, we work closely with C.O.P.S. and other national groups

11. Grants

CSOC actively seeks funding from state, federal, and private grant sources to further its mission

12. Sales

      • Belt buckles, bears, mugs, sweatshirts, hats, tie tacks, Polo shirts, and other items as available – administered by CSOC Staff

These are just a few of the services and support County Sheriffs of Colorado provide. If you have any questions pertaining to any of the activities listed above or if you are just interested in more information about CSOC please contact us at:

(720) 344-2762
(720) 344-6500 Fax
or email us at contactgeneral@csoc.org